♥ I found my star ♥ (foundmystar) wrote in tax_prep,
♥ I found my star ♥

Hey everyone!

My husband went back in the military the beginning of this year (he was in for 5yrs before we met and 1 year while we were dating, and his mom did his taxes and she doesn't remember anything about when she did them).

I heard a lot of things that can be deducted but I wanted to come here and make sure. The military (or at least in his unit) they are required to get a hair cut every week..I've saved a bunch of receipts..$8 a pop..can we deduct them since it's required?

His dress uniforms... the dry cleaning (required before every inspection), the alterations, all his ribbons & decor that he had to buy... can we deduct them?

They are required to buy new boots every time they get roughed up. He had to buy a new pair after 10 months (he was told to because of how beat up they got), can we deduct them?

He had to go to WLC school and was given a sheet and had to buy everything on the list..it was a little over $300 (he was given a week notice so it weight heavy on us that month), can all of those items be deducted? (I think he may still have the list)

Is there anything else we can deduct that you may know of for military?
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