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military residency question

I use H&Rblock, I know because my husband is military that even though we're stationed in Tx, we pay NY taxes and when filing.. we still file NY resident.

The part I'm confused on is when says:
New York Address
Review your permanent New York address and choose the New York county where you lived on December 31,

Do I put our Tx address anyway, but put in the county and school district code we lived in when he entered the military? Or do I put in the address we lived at when he entered (which we no longer pay rent for, someone we don't know rents it)? Or Do I put in the address of a family member who lives in the same school district/county as we did? (my mom said If we need this I could put her address since our old place was 2 blocks from hers)

-We don't live on base, we rent a house. We plan to stay renting this house until we PCS next which will be some where in the beginning of 2013. We had residence in NY for 90 days in 2010. I did read to make sure we file as resident, and we do. We actually prefer this as we're getting back almost 3x more than we paid.

*Edited to fix the text& add more info.
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