Sethimothy (sethimothy) wrote in tax_prep,

Claimed as "Married Filed Jointly"; never been married?

Found out my taxes were not accepted because, and I quote, "The IRS indicates that the Primary taxpayer's Social Security Number (SSN) has already been used on a return with the filing status of Married Filing Separately. Your filing status on this return is not Married Filing Separately and this is causing your return to be rejected. If you file as Single, Married Filing Jointly, or Qualified Widower when you should have filed as Married Filing Separately, then the IRS will reject your return. Since the IRS's records show that you have been claimed as a Spouse on another Married Filing Separately return, then you need to file as Married Filing Separately as well in order to file electronically."

Not sure who could claim me as being married, and not sure what benefit they'd get from using my social, but it's clear this needs to be fixed. Any suggestions on where to start?
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Since you say you've never been married, I suspect that someone has put your SS# down as their spouse's number erroneously. Call the IRS and talk it over with them. You'll find them quite nice and helpful despite the press they've received. I look forward to hearing how this turns out.
Like the post above, I would love to hear the follow up on this.
File your return on paper. Your refund will come slower, but there shouldn't be an issue. I agree that someone typo'd their SSN.

I personally would not mess with calling the IRS, unless you'd like to spend an extensive amount of time on hold for someone to read you the reject notice and tell you to file on paper. (Also, no matter how nice and helpful the IRS phone people may be, they cannot do anything to fix this in a way that would allow you to e-file.)