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Incorrect Dependent Status

Hi, comm! I'm so used to filing as a dependent that I just filled out my tax return on autopilot under that assumption. It was only after I filed the return that I learned that I'm not a dependent, because I'm 23, I wasn't a full-time student at any point, and I made over $3,700. Of course, this is under the assumption that I understand the IRS website correctly; these facts do mean that I can't be a qualifying child OR relative, right? Even though I did live with a parent all year, and they provided more than half of my support? (At least, in theory. I haven't sat down and figured out the numbers, but I didn't pay rent and she paid for my food. But I did make nearly $7k...)

Assuming I'm right, the difference means over $100 more refunded - which I could certainly use. I know that I would have to file an amended tax return, but I keep seeing references online to having to have documentation backing up the changes on an amended return and I have NO idea what kind of documentation I would use to prove this. How would I prove that I wasn't a full-time student?? Do I even have to worry about this? Please help!
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